Nico & Jeff

“As a couple, they’re almost Disney-themed cute.”

Mary-Lynn Wardle

Nico & Jeff are a high-energy duo comprising singer-songwriters Nico Brennan and Jeff Kushner. Veterans of the Calgary music scene, these two joined forces in late 2019. Since then, their music has been featured at various events including Calgary’s “Cold Hands Warm Heart” virtual concert series, Mardi Gras Street Festival, and the Varsity Folk Club. They have also enjoyed success as the creators of “Happy Hour @ Home” a weekly live stream where they entertained audiences from around the world by playing original songs and taking requests on the spot. 

Nico Brennan is a dynamically gifted singer who released 3 critically acclaimed albums with Calgary band The Dino Martinis. Following her departure from the band, Nico released a solo album “The Dream Factory” in 2019. Her songwriting was showcased at the Rocky Mountain Arts and Calgary Ukulele Festivals. In addition to the ukulele, Nico also plays keyboards, bass and percussion; she has a warm and engaging stage-presence.

Jeff Kushner has been making music in Calgary for over 2 decades. Jeff is an inspiring guitar-player with a knack for creating beautiful harmonies. His songwriting talents have been featured in several Calgary musical projects including The Funeral Factory, Talking Dog, and The Beagle Ranch, with whom he released 3 albums. 

Nico & Jeff are *“a perfect, slap hazard mix of expertise and experimentation.” After taking requests for two years, the pair have learned a collection of over 400 cover songs that include the familiar and the unexpected. Their harmonies are tastefully woven through their unique arrangements that feature a neat range of instrumentation. They are a delight for audiences of varied ages and musical tastes. 

Nico & Jeff plan to release their first co-write as a single in 2022. 


“It’s a true pleasure watching them take musical risks, scrolling their tablet for lyrics and chords to songs requested on the spot, then playing those with a perfect, slap hazard mix of expertise and experimentation. So from Across the Universe to Something Stupid, from In Spite of Ourselves to Does Your Mother Know?, there’s no pretentiousness, no musical snobbery. Just fun. Just joy.”               

*Mary-Lynn Wardle, The YYScene, April 2020



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